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Digital skills and computer equipment for all: Cooperation partnerships in Vocational Education and Training is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that runs from September 2022 to August 2024.

Target groups

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Educational entities
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Raise awareness of digital literacy issues and understanding the need of transversal skills.

Ability to develop future professional activity in the direction of digital literacy.

Strengthening sustainable employability and entrepreneurship based on an innovative training and proactive action.

Project Results


A guide for Trainers (how to address the target group, statistics about digital literacy, guidelines).

A full workshop:

  • How to choose a second-hand computer
  • Install & use free and open-source operating system & software
  • Digital skills (digital environment, research, Communication, digital security
  • Using e-learning platforms & online classroom tools

A methodology for the workshop implementation
Implementation/experimentation report of the workshops
Impact and increase Analysis of digital skills