Consultoría de Innovación Social



Phone: +91 258 754 523


The consultancy/research and training centre “Consultoría de Innovación Social” was established in 2020 based on the work and experiences of Asociación Caminos in Andalusia. The Consultancy of Social Innovation created the consultancy in order to be able to dedicate the focus of our activities even more to the fields of employment, entrepreneurship and gender equality. Consultoría is better equipped to do investigations and research and work as a training and teaching centre and in this sense Consultoría de Innovación social took over these working fields and related staff of Asociación Caminos, whilst Caminos will continue to work in the fields of youth and social inclusion of groups at risk.
The Consultancy of Social Innovation aims to achieve impact and sustainability through innovative approaches to target existing social challenges and requirements. Believing in the potential of people, Consultoria’s main objective is empowerment to raise capacities for finding the most appropriate and effective solutions. In this way, the aim is to support the change and upskilling processes in organisations and institutions to improve the results and sustainability of their work. Additionally, the team is committed to contribute to and strengthen the dialogue and debate in society on gender issues. To reach equal opportunities for both genders, focuses on gender projects in mainly two areas:

  • The identification and promotion of good practices to reduce gender stereotypes and overcome obstacles to gender equality on a local, regional and national level.
  • The implementation of measures to prevent gender violence and support victims.