Euroform RFS



Euroform RFS is an Italian VET and adult training institution.Euroform RFS has significative experience in the Learning Management System: it designs and creates systems for remote learning, e-learning teaching platform, using innovative IT solutions. In some KA2 Erasmus+ projects, Euroform has been in charge of developing all the e-learning platforms. Euroform gives a particular attention to ICT based training, innovative training methods, in fact it has developed several training on-the-job, e-learning, blended training.Euroform RFS participates in social inclusion activities and works actively in the Immigration field in Calabria region. Euroform RFS particularly takes care of the training, integration and legal support of a certain number of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. At Euroform RFS, research and develop innovative tools at the service of social inclusion represent the priority in immigration work.Euroform RFS organizes training courses for VET and other educational experts, and staff members. Also organizes meetings, visits, round table discussions in a wide range of subjects, including thematic regarding the analysis and the comparison between the different European educational systems, schools’ management, the international cooperation among schools, the comparison and study of innovative methodologies in education and training, orientation and guidance, ICT – based learning, validation and assessment of learning outcomes, informal and non- formal learning.