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The Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations (ITPIO) is a private non-profit organization – NGO with the status of Association.The main activities of the Institute are related to research activities and analyses, consulting and development of educational, employment and youth policies and practices on national, regional and local level, elaboration of strategic documents, concerning education, training and youth, providing vocational trainings, organising, monitoring and assessment of VET students’ placements and discussion forums aimed at improving the interrelations among national, regional, local authorities and the non-governmental sector, while following the modern trends in civic society development. The main areas of intervention in partnerships with local and national authorities are in Smart Mobility for the green substantial improvement of services for the mobility of people and goods in urban areas; Enhancement of cultural heritage, for the economic and green tourist enhancement of areas of historical and artistic importance. Social and people’s wellbeing for the improvement of the psycho-physical state of citizens. Environmental protection for the improvement of the environmental situation in all its aspects. The organization has experience in developing plans and strategies for the integration and inclusion of individuals and groups in social exclusion, such as migrants and refugees, people with disabilities, youth and families at risk, and more. We have participated in working groups to develop similar strategies for municipalities, NGOs and schools.